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Introducing our Travel Sticker Collection, a digital pack designed to add a touch of wanderlust to your Disney vacation digital planning and creative projects. Let these 35 pre-cropped, high-quality stickers bring your digital planner to life and enhance your organization in a whimsical and stylish way.


Key Features of our Travel Sticker Collection:


  • Pre-cropped Convenience: Each sticker in this collection comes pre-cropped, saving you time and effort. Simply select the sticker you want to use and seamlessly incorporate it into your digital planner or creative project.

  • Perfect for Digital Planners: Our stickers are specially tailored for digital planners, making them an ideal choice for those using platforms like GoodNotes5. Easily upload these stickers as elements to your digital planner, allowing you to customize your layouts with ease.

  • Versatile for Printing and Cricut Devices: These digital stickers are not limited to digital use alone. They can also be printed for use as physical stickers, allowing you to decorate your journals, scrapbooks, and more. Additionally, if you own a Cricut device, these stickers can be used for cutting and creating your own physical stickers.

  • Magical Travel-Themed Delight: Our Travel Sticker Collection features 35 stickers, including charming illustrations of resorts, theme parks, transportation options, and other travel essentials. Decorate your planners with these delightful elements to evoke the excitement and joy of your Disney adventures.

  • PNG Format with Transparent Background: These stickers are provided in PNG format, ensuring high-quality graphics with a transparent background. This allows for easy integration into various digital platforms and gives you the freedom to place the stickers seamlessly into your planner without any unsightly backgrounds.


Unlock your creativity and infuse your digital planning with a sense of wanderlust using our Travel Sticker Collection. Whether you're organizing your dream vacation or reminiscing about past travels, these stickers will add a touch of whimsy and personalization to your digital planner. Download the zip file, access the PNG stickers, and let your planning journey take flight with these charming travel-themed elements.




Magical Travel Stickers - Pastel Collection

$10.00 Regular Price
$5.99Sale Price
  • All files are provided in a zip format. You will recieve [1] zip file for download via the email you provide at checkout. Once you click download, save this ZIP file to your device and unzip (on iOS, simply tap the .zip icon). Once opened, you will find the following files inside your folder:

    • [1] Start Here Directions PDF
    • [35] Pastel Digital Sticker PNGs

    Save these files to your device and then open them through your digital planner of choice. We recommend GoodNotes5.

  • Due to the nature of digital downloads, we do not accept returns or exchanges. Please double-check your cart before making your purchase.

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